Dia Freeze Stevia Sweetener

Specification and how to use

  • Diafreeze Stevia is a 100% Natural Sugar Substitute that is based on the extract of Stevia (Commonly known as “Panipala”). This is a made in Italy product available at all leading supermarkets, pharmacies and Healthguard outlets In Sri Lanka.

  • Diafreeze Stevia comes in the form of a tablet and 1 tablet is sufficient to sweeten a single beverage and does not possess any harmful health effects.

  • Many studies have confirmed that Stevia Leaf extract has no alteration on blood Glucose levels.

  • Diafreeze Stevia is also useful for people who need to limit their sugar intake and helps for people who concern about their weight management goals.


Diafreeze Stevia is available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

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